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Stars & Stripes and Other
Newspaper Clippings

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Article by SP5 Joel Bean
(sent to Jackie by LT Sims)
(believed to have been published in 1970)


News article about Mike Beaver and King from the August 2010
issue of 'Vietnam Magazine'

(Credit for the front page of the magazine and the photo of
Mike Beaver and King is given to 'Vietnam Magazine',
Aug 2010 issuethe Weider History Group, whp gave permission
to use these documents.
Subscriptions to 'Vietnam Magazine' are available by calling 1-800-435-0715.)

This is the unclassified military description of the photo
of Mike Beaver and King (above)

(Credit for this photo description is given to The National Archives)


42nd Scout Dog
(from Jerry Brown)

Courtesy of The Fraternal Order
of The United States Marines