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Knoxville, TN Reunion 2008

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Back-White, Shea, Chase, Wells
Front-Beaver, Poove, Moore & Dietz

Bob Brez & Tom McIntyre

Bob Brez, Mike Beaver,
Jim Moore & Tom Shea

Bobby & Patsy Hyde & granddaughter Megan

Brez, McIntyre, Shea & Chase

Brez, Shea, Beaver, Moore, Dietz, Diane & Charlie Poove

Brez, Shea, Chase, Beaver, Moore, Dietz, Diane & Charlie Poove

Dave White and Diane Poove

Front; Chase & McIntyre
Rear; Moore, Dietz & Poove

J Moore, Chris Dietz, Tom Shea,
Bob Brez & Tom McIntyre

Jackie & Ron Tedder (CO)

Jackie, Brez, Shea, Beaver, Chase, Moore, Dietz, Diane & Charlie Poove

Moore, Dietz, Diane and Charlie Poove, Beaver & Shea

Moore, Dietz, Diane Poove, Jackie, Beaver, Shea & Brez

Shea, Beaver, Chase, McIntyre

The gangs all here!

White, Shea, Chase, Wells, Beaver, Poove, Moore, Dietz & Jackie

Tom, Dietz, Poove, Megan & Grandpa Hyde

Tom, Carletta Wells, Jackie,
Merle & Ron Tedder, & Rod Wells