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Branson, MO 2010
October 8 - 10, 2010

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42nd Reunion Notes
by Jackie


The 42ND IPSD reunion was held at the Gazebo Inn in Branson, MO. We had 84 people and 4 dogs attending. As always a great time was had by all. Joel (manager), Elaine and everyone else with the Gazebo Inn treated us like royalty. We thank them so very much for going above and beyond what a person would expect from a hotel.


We were very proud to have three COs (Commanding Officers) attend the reunion. They were:

Larry Limer CO 66/67
Billy J Langdon CO 67/68
Harold Bircumshaw CO 68/69


Special thanks go to Billy J Langdon and his wife, Helen, for providing the shuttle service. Billy would take his restored jeep and away he would fly. Helen would follow with her Chevy Silverado Texas Model to give the ladies a ride. Can you imagine the look on the faces of those who got off the plane and would see that shuttle service?

When Billy Langdon saw Mike Beaver get off the plane all he said to Beaver was, "you might just as well drive it back as whenever I wanted my jeep in Nam all I had to do was look for you and there it was."

Even I (Jackie) got a fun ride through town in the jeep. Thanks to Walt Hamel for the boost up into the seat of the jeep and to the two fellows who helped me get out.

Billy and Helen brought along the dummy who was named Beaver by their Grandson . They also brought the flags, the guns, boots and the poster of the dog Buddy. (Buddy lost his life a week or so later when a hunter shot him. We all are so sorry about this terrible accident.)

We also had one more guy and his wife making trips to pick folks up and take them to the airport. Thanks Chris and Ginger Dietz for services provided and also to Ginger for all the help you gave me.

Thanks to the wonderful ladies of the 42nd for stepping right in to help set out the snacks and bringing snacks to the reunion. It was great! Then we had the two sisters of Earl Humphreys who came to the reunion just to help us out. Thanks Ann and Dorothy!

Even the 42nd fellows were right there to pick up the chairs and tables and put them away each night.

Many of the people showed up a day or so early and the Gazebo Inn took it all in stride and made sure the rooms were ready for them after a little delay.

Friday afternoon we all went to Famous Dave's BBQ for lunch. Randy and Janice Kimler did a great job of finding this place. The names of the boys KIA were read by Norm Ream, the names of the dogs KIA were read by Walt Hamel and Randy Kimler read the names of the boys we lost since coming home from Nam. The food was good and the service was wonderful. Thanks to Randy and Janice Kimler for providing all the bottled water.

On behalf of the 42nd IPSD fellows, Billy Langdon presented me with a beautiful Flight jacket (see the pictures). I guess I tried not to break up but did not quite succeed. So if I did not say much then, I will say it now - it sure is appreciated! (That was the first time my mouth could not open). Thanks to all responsible. It will be cherished forever.

We then had each handler stand up and give his name, tour date and dog's name. This was a very proud moment for all of us.

Dave (the owner of Famous Dave's) saw to it that a few of us got a ride back to our vehicles in his car. Friday night we had the snacks and then held a raffle. The raffle brought in about $80 and will be used to send a cooler vest for a Dog over in Iraq. I will let you know more on this after the first of the year.

We had so much time to visit and get to know each other. The greatest part to me was seeing all the guys mixing it up and hearing stories from all the years.

Merv Johnson, Susi and his daughter Sophia flew in from Germany to be with us all. We will always remember little Sophia as "The Belle of the Ball".

Saturday afternoon we all got in the vehicles and went to meet up with Harold Bircumshaw CO 68/69, who was putting on the luncheon for all of us. Thanks, Harold, for the Scotch presented to me. He also brought in a guitarist named Tulsa who is an entertainer in Branson. We were able to get many pictures and also one group picture that he requested and I sent to him..

Thanks to Jim Hill and Kaiser, Dannie Smith, and Birdie and John Meeks for your thoughtful gifts - I loved them!

Sunday morning was kinda sad as a few of the folks had to leave to go back home. We still had a number of guys and gals left who decided to go to Andy Williams Restaurant Sunday night. It was right next door to the Gazebo (about a block walk). Some walked and I waved as we drove by. The fun of the night was when Andy Williams himself came over to greet all of us. Norm Ream presented him with one of our caps and Tom McIntyre gave him one of our buttons. He said they will go on his Wall of Honor for all the servicemen that come in. Again, Tom and I have to thank Ream, Eades and Kimlers for the meal.

Monday morning came and a few more had to depart and one person in particular was not going to give up and leave. That was Billy Langdon. Each time he would go down to get his truck and jeep he would come back up and visit. Langdon, Eades, Moore, McIntyres, and Dietzs went to lunch. Again, we thank all those people for the lunch. Tom and I sure appreciated the meals!

Everyone then kinda had a chance to do what they wanted while Tom and I had to pack things up.

We were able to give the staff of the Gazebo many of the goodies that were left over - they really earned it!

Tuesday morning came and with everyones help we got loaded up. Golly, the truck was so full there was no room left - only enough for Tom and I.

Ray and Linda Eade, Birdie & John Meeks, Chris and Ginger Dietz and Jim Moore were there to say HAPPY TRAILS!!!!

Such a wonderful time and such a great bunch of people from the 42nd!! Sure hope we have another and just maybe more of the gang will attend.

Thanks to each and every one of you for making this reunion a success!



Below is a copy of the T Shirt picture of the f ront and back of what the T Shirts look like.

A Picture of the 2010 Button:

42nd IPSD The handler and his dog
with the rucksack they carried

Part of the display
to the left

Billy J Langdon's restored jeep & trailer


Billy J Langdon's jeep
by our welcome sign

Welcome sign for the 42nd IPSD

(the attraction of the reunion)

'Belle of the Ball'
(Merv & Susi Johnson's daughter)

Gazebo Inn

Andy Williams' showroom billboard

Branson train ride

Welcome to Branson!