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Branson, MO 2011
October 7- 9, 2011

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OCTOBER 7-8-9, 2011


We dedicate our reunion
to the Scout Dogs we lost



42ND REUNION NOTE from Jackie & Walt
Branson, MO October 8-10, 2011

We would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all who came to the reunion and to all of you who brought all the food, raffle gifts, chairs, coolers and beverages. YOU are the ones that made this reunion such a great success!

Each and everyone of you worked with us to see the jobs that needed to be done were accomplished. The old saying would apply here: "it takes a village to raise a family", well it takes a Platoon to make it this great. THANKS to all of you!

Without those wonderful gals who helped, we would never have gotten through the whole week, so a big THANK YOU to the gals.

Special thanks to the Gazebo staff, to Joel and Tim and the gals at the front desk. These people work hard to give us the best of everything that is possible. Clean rooms, a special room to use, and all those other things they do for us. THANK YOU!

To my very special pal Walt Hamel, who stepped in on the T Shirts and many other things, I owe you a great big THANK YOU! I could have never made it without you. Walt has said he will again be my right hand helper in 2012.

To Helen and Billy Langdon - for all you have contributed, a big THANK YOU! For those of you who have been at the reunion, Billy brings his jeep he restored and drives everyone all over and he is also the shuttle service for those that fly in. For the gals, Helen takes her Chevy Texas Model truck and picks them up and they also are seen flying around town shopping. Billy also brings along his flags, Beaver the dummy along with all the equipment. (see pictures)

To Chris and Ginger Dietz a big THANK YOU for being the other part of the shuttle service for those flying in and out of Branson.

We hope all of you enjoyed it as much as we did and see you NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!

OOPPS… Thanks, Tom, for loading and unloading and all the driving!!!!!!

Jackie the 42nd Mom




Below is a copy of the T Shirt picture of the f ront and back of what the 2011 T Shirts look like.


Below is a picture of the 2011 Reunion Button xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx New Embroidered Eagle Caps



Standing: Guthrie,Humphreys,Thomsen,Eade,


The 42nd IPSD Banner

Tom and Brandy
Brandy is wearing Smokey's 58A8 harness
that Smokey wore in Vietnam
(From Walt Hamel)



Book Room

Branson knew we were there!

Billy Langdon's Spotlight

Our books

Gazebo Inn's Sign
(where we stayed)

Who's that gal on the far right side...
and why did he sneak into the gals photo?


Jackie and Jessica