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Branson, MO 2012
October 12-14, 2012

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OCTOBER 12-13-14, 2012
The 2012 Reunion was dedicated to
those we lost after coming home from Vietnam.


Dixie Stampede Show

First Row: Ray Eade & Linda Eade, Helen Langdon & Bill Langdon (CO)
2nd Row: Birdie Meeks, Debbie Higbee, Ginger Dietz, June Thomsen, Pat Johnson, Janie Sours & Russ Sours
3rd Row: Becky Tarr, Susan Sproul, Dannie Smith, John Meeks & Dale Higbee
Back Row: Danny Tarr, Robert Sproul, Roger Thomsen, Chris Dietz & Arnie Johnson


The Guys & Kaiser

Back- Thomsen, Arnie Johnson, Humphreys,
White, Busbea, Dietz, Eade and Sproul

Front- Hill & Kaiser, Meeks, Geroge Robinson, Holder, Hamel,
Tarr, Higbee, Brez, Langdon, Dannie Smith and Beaver


The Gals, Angel & Kaiser

Back- Frankie Humphreys, Pat Johnson, Ginger Dietz & Becky Tarr
Front- Marlene Busbea, Debbie Higbee, June Thomsen, Cindy Holder, Kaiser & Angel,
Helen Langdon, Jackie, Birdie Meeks, Susan Sproul and Linda Eade


REUNION OCTOBER 12, 13, 14TH OF 2012

Another reunion is over and we had a great time. The weather was our biggest problem! Cold, rainy and at times lots of wind. I do not mean the windy talk of our boys, but the weather wind. Saturday night was the real scare with a tornado watch and then the warning of 70 miles per hour wind. Most of the gang was at the show Texas Stampede and did not know a thing about that till they returned to the hotel about 8:30PM. Well we got lots of wind that night and much rain. In fact on the back side of the building Danny Tarr said the rain and wind was so bad it sounded like someone knocking at the door. Then lightning hit something on the other side of where we were and sounded like an explosion. I heard nothing…

We had 42 people there. One visitor who came to see us was Hoot from the 1/327th and then we had a Ranger from the 101st Airborne Div. and golly I am sorry I forgot his name. We also had another visitor who spent the weekend with us. Allen Mathews and his wife Becky from the 47th IPSD. We sure hope they had a great time.

The whole group went to eat at the Golden Corral Thursday night and we really enjoyed the food and getting together in a group

Saturday taking pictures, Memorial Service and Raffle. We got a late start but I am sure we got lots of pictures. The girls sure surprised the guys with their performance of taking pictures. Check out the pictures to see what I mean.

Thanks to Walt Hamel, Ray Eade and Arnie Johnson for reading the names this year. Our list of boys that have left us after coming home gets larger each year. So sad to see so many of them leaving us.

Thanks again to all the gals who helped out and Debbie Higbee who took on a big job again with the food and all. To Helen Langdon who worked with the folks from the Gazebo and their other hotel to get tickets to the Dixie Stampede.

The raffle went well and we had some great items. The money was donated to John Meeks "Support Our Paws". John also handled the raffle.

Thanks to Joel, GM of the Gazebo Inn for all the special things he does for us and this also includes his staff.

Thanks to the gals and guys who brought things for the raffle, those who brought food and snacks, and to the guys who pitched in to help get the water and pop. To those who brought chairs, tables and coolers more thanks. All the help was appreciated and helps to make a successful reunion and to Walmart for giving us another $50.00 gift card.

To Loren Vetter my teacher for all the printing he donates each year. The printing on the buttons and name tags. This really saves us lots of money.

Thanks to my husband Tom for the buttons he made for all again this year. I also sent them out with the T Shirts we mailed. Again Tom had to do all the running on the mailing again this year.

Special thanks to Walt Hamel for being there for me on the T Shirts and all the other things. You are a very special friend..

Hope you all enjoyed the 3rd Reunion even with such terrible weather.

Thanks to Bill Langdon for bringing his WWII jeep this year.

Jackie the 42nd Mom



Below is a copy of the T Shirt picture of the front and back of what the 2012 T Shirts look like.