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Branson, MO 2013
October 4-6, 2013

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OCTOBER 4-5-6, 2013

The 2013 Reunion was dedicated to
the boys we lost in Vietnam.



Thanks for all the wonderful help at the reunion…you did a great job.

I owe an apology to all for not being really ready to do the job I should have been doing as the family crisis was just too much for me.

Helen did a great job again on the pictures even though it was thundering, lightning and raining cats & dogs.

Becky Tarr of course handled the food and took care of all that...just wonderful again like last year. Danny was there just to help us out for everything.

Ginger Dietz did a wonderful job on putting together the Saturday night show and we also need to thank Joel the Gazebo Manager and Elaine from the Barrington Hotel who made the arrangements.

Chris Dietz was there to be the taxi service again and then to pick up the pop and water and the other stuff from the anonymous donator from 1971. (Thanks Robert)

The Walmart Store again gave us a $50.00 donation card for the bottled water and pop.

Bill and Judy Foringer did a wonderful job on the raffle and sure hope they will do it again.

Thanks to Joel, the manager of the Gazebo, for again being there to help me on the tent and the book room. His crew did a great job on the book room and taking care of other things. Thanks to all of them.

Billy Langdon again brought his jeep and gave the new folks and some of the others a great ride on the main drag of Branson. Thanks again Billy for the dummy you call Beaver and the flags and all.

To my second in charge, Linda Eade, I could not have finished staying as long as I did without your help and the encouragement.

Chuck and Sandy Guthrie it was great to see you back again and your help was also appreciated.

Bob Sproul got the truck loaded so we could leave early Sunday and believe you me that really helped. A few more were there helping but yours truly cannot remember who so a big thanks to them.

Thanks to the new folks who came and I am sure they will be back for the next one.

To Loren Vetter my teacher and the guy doing the web site I always have to say thanks from all of us for all the printing of name tags, buttons and all the rest of the things you do to make things easier for me. Great friend!!!!

To all of the 42nd folks you made it a wonderful three days and thanks to all of you for supporting the food and raffle-you made it a great success. We made $292.00 on the raffle and the proceeds will be sent to the Quad Cities group in Iowa who take the veterans to the Memorials in Washington DC.